Healing with Hallucinogens

September 2017

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Meet some of the people featured in the September 2017 issue of The Scientist.


Far-Out Science

How psychedelic drugs and infectious microbes alter brain function

Speaking of Science


Bees Live the City Life in Detroit

Important pollinators under threat from habitat destruction, bumblebees may find refuge on vacant land throughout Michigan’s largest metropolis.

A Prosthetic Advantage?

Scientists are analyzing how factors such as the length and stiffness of artificial limbs affect performance in athletes with amputations.

Critic at Large

Modus Operandi

The Literature


Motor Man

Ron Vale has spent a career studying how molecular motors transport cargo within cells. He’s also developed tools to help scientists communicate their findings.

Scientist to Watch

Lab Tools

Ready, Set, Grow

How to culture stem cells without depending on mouse feeder cells


Baby on Board

Many scientific conferences offer child care options that allow researchers to bring their families along for the trip.

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Discovery of the Malaria Parasite, 1880

Most didn’t believe French doctor Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran when he said he’d spotted the causative agent of the disease—and that it was an animal.