DNA Erector Sets

July 2017

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Building Nanoscale Structures with DNA
Building Nanoscale Structures with DNA

The versatility of geometric shapes made from the nucleic acid are proving useful in a wide variety of fields from molecular computation to biology to medicine.

Grass Routes
Grass Routes

Researchers are discovering a suite of new locations and functions of endocannabinoid receptors that play roles in sickness and in health.

Uncovering Functions of Circular RNAs
Uncovering Functions of Circular RNAs

Recent research has revealed many surprises about circular RNAs, from findings that they are translated in vivo to links between their expression and disease.




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Oceans’ Ambassador

Jane Lubchenco has embraced many roles: marine ecologist, science communicator, federal agency administrator, and sustainable fishing advocate.

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Bacteriophages to the Rescue

 Phage therapy is but one example of using biological entities to reduce our reliance on antibiotics and other failing chemical solutions.